C64 SID-tunes Top 100+

SID Chip

A SID tune is music made on the Commodore 64 home computer, which was especially popular in the 1980's. 'SID' is an acronym for Sound Interface Device, the synthesizer chip used in the Commodore 64 to produce sound.

Originally a browser plugin (SIDPlug) was needed to play these SID-tunes. However, with HTML5, plugins are no longer required! This page is based exclusively on the draft version WebAudio API. You'll need a modern browser to make it play the music, Chrome prefered. Thanks to Tiny'R'Sid.

The following SID-tunes are the High Voltage SID Collection top 100, as voted by SID fans, plus some 40 other noteworthy tunes, chosen by myself...

Original version build in April 2005.
Updated September 2009.
Updated November 2017: no more plugins required!


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