Nostalgia Archives


Adobe Flash is a beautiful sollution for creating graphical eye-candy or stable RIA's. I have used Flash for both and below are some things that fall in the first category.
  • DYCP Nostalgia (August 2004)
    DYCP: Different-Y-Character-Position. A scrolling text in mid-90s Amiga fasion, written in Flash MX.
  • 3D Textures (July 2004)
    Texture mapping on 3D objects in Flash MX. Source available.
  • Dodecahedron (July 2004)
    Experiment with 3D in Flash MX. Source available.
  • Magnetism (July 2004)
    Flash playdo. A Flash MX component version of a very old effect. Source available.
  • Grow-A-Tree (March 2004)
    Experiment with recursive objects in Flash. Based on the fabulous levitated.net. Source available.
  • Flash Photo Album (March 2004)
    A bunch of photos of Amsterdam thrown on a heap in a Flash photo album.


When I had my PC in '91 I started programming Pascal right from the start and Assembly soon followed. These packages below are some of the things I made. They were made in Turbo/Borland Pascal, but it may be possible to compile under a different flavor of Pascal.
Note: these programs were mostly written before the age of Windows and might require a DOS-emulator to run properly. Also check /files/pascal.
  • PD (Summer 1995 - Fall 1998)
    Personal Database: a freeware, public domain (open source), personal addresses database. Written in Pascal and Assembly with a load of functionality, including context-sensative help pages and pull down menu system.
  • Signal2 (November 1996)
    Sound Recognition v2.0 is an instrument recognition application that was written for a school project that we aced. It has a nice fast implementation of an FFT and uses my gfxfx code to display sound waves and frequency graphs in real-time. Pascal source code and executables provided in the ZIP-package.
  • Analyse (January 1996)
    Analyse is a small program to analyse data files of a physics spring system that I made during my studies as an improvement over the application the polytechnic provided. Source code, executable and data files are included in the ZIP-package.
  • gfxfx2 (February 1995)
    Shareware package of graphics related Pascal source code, including 3d programming, image viewer, lots of scrolls and much more.
    (Note: addresses mentioned in the documentation are not valid anymore)
  • Tempo Typen (December 1994)
    The Tempo Typen game implemented in Pascal, including source code and executable. Saves highscore.
  • gfxfx (April 1994)
    I released a lot of graphics source code on Fidonet, written in Pascal and Assembly. By popular demand I bundled all the code and released it as gfxfx: Graphics Effects. This is that package.

C64 demos

Commodore 64 demos were a creative outlet, a funny way to show what you could create (as a team or on your own), a way to spend a rainy sunday, etc. The demos below were all created in 1988 and 1989 by a group called 'Cool Crew', of which I was a founding member.
These programs can be run in a C64-emulator. Also check /files/c64demos.
(January 1989)
Syndic running in your browser!
(October 1988)
(July 1988)
Just a Great Contact
Outshining Art
Fight for Light
(February 1988)


  • "Experts aan het werk" (Dutch; May 2003)
    Article that appeared in the May 2003 issue of the Dutch magazine Net Professional, about a routeplanner for Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Bitmaps and Sprites (October 1995)
    Continuation of the August article for the Pascal Magazine.
  • Fast VGA Graphics Without BGI (August 1995)
    Introduction to graphics programming, written for and published in the Pascal Magazine.