This is my own little domain on the web. I am Bas van Gaalen.
Web developer, nerd, amateur photographer, scientist, philosopher...
(some random pictures from my photo stream)


  • C64: Syndic (1989)
    Syndic, a C64 demo from 1989, running in a browser.
  • Mandelbrot Fractal Zoom (June 2015)
    Another interactive Fractal Zoom, using HTML5 Canvas & Web Worker's API.
  • Julia Fractal Zoom (May 2015)
    Interactive Fractal Zoom, using HTML5 Canvas.
  • Canvas Tree (May 2015)
    A quick revisit of the Flash experiment of 2004, this time utilising some of Javascript's Canvas capabilities. No plugin's required.
  • I have moved hosting providers from mediatemple to webfaction. The reason is that my latest project (release soon) did not run well at mediatemple. The only way to fix that was upgrading to an even more expensive account type. To my pleasant surprise, everything worked great out-of-the-box at webfaction!
  • SWAG mirror with search engine (Sep 2010)
    For a while now I've been playing with the thought of writing a search engine. I finally decided to dig into it and used the SWAG as a source. I'm pretty happy with the result as it is equally fast as Google and in some cases even faster! :)
    And oh: the full source code for the search engine and indexer is available...
  • The Venus Archive (May 2010)
    A website featuring a collection of interesting documentaries.
  • Hygia (Apr 2007)
    Hygia is a web application testing framework written in PHP 5, but capable of testing any type of software that speaks the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP and HTTPS). Hygia contains a thin HTTP client that can automate client requests to the server. It understands how to handle most HTTP headers and is capable of transmitting and receiving all possible data formats due to its extendibility with custom written plug-ins (for manipulation and recording of input and output data) and data validators. Application end point properties can be configured by using XML.
  • EarthPOI (Sep 2006)
    EarthPOI allows you to share your favorite places and pin point them on a map.
  • XConn (May 2005)
    XConn is a small Javascript library that uses XMLHTTP to make a connection with a server in order to send and/or retreive data, without the need of reloading the page. It's based on the buzz of 'AJaX' and used in the quotes at the bottom of this page.
  • C64 SID-tunes (April 2005)
    Pure nostalgia: Commodore 64 music in the form of SID-tunes, playable from within your browser.
  • phpdomxml-0.9 (January 2005)
    phpdomxml is an implementation for XML's Document Object Model in PHP 4.x.
  • ip (2005)
    The IP number of your system from this end of the line, like whatismyip.com.
  • WhoIs Service (June 2004)
    A whois-service, in case you want to find out who owns a domain name.
  • Apache & PHP Installation (October 2004)
    Quick Apache & PHP Installation/Configuration guide for Windows platforms - for those who have trouble with it.
  • Tempo Typen game (2002)
    Tempo Typen is a small game, based on the C64 version of the mid-80s, which even spawned a TV-show at that time here in the Netherlands. Written in DHTML. Saves high scores.
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